Reconstruction Site

As you can no doubt see, this old site is under reconstruction. I’ve been meaning to build a website I’m happy with for a while now but as with all things in life, priorities shift and small jobs get pushed further from the front of the mind. I should also note that I don’t understand this websitey stuff at all, so forgive me the process is a bit clumsy. I’ll rope in some assistance at some point so that everything behaves the way I’d like it to.

That’s not the only change that’s going on. You’ll notice there are a few old strips still up on the site, they won’t be around for long. Slackman (why does it always autocorrect to ‘Blackman’? Is my mac racist?) is undergoing a complete overhaul and re-reboot. How many times have I rebooted this comic now? I can assure you I have finally settled on a format I’m happy with. I won’t say new and improved, but different than before at any rate. Blackman himself has also undergone a bit of a transformation but you’ll have to wait a little longer before that is revealed.

As well as a retooled site and comic strip, I’m also working on retooling my personal focus so don’t be surprised if I get a bit ranty from time to time. Comic strips are all fun and stuff but theres a big scary messed up world out there that angers and saddens me on a daily basis. I intend to sound off a bit on this. Don’t worry, there’s also a whole bunch of magic and positive out there too that I will also make some noise about.

Speaking of magic, I turned 35 yesterday and the wonderful Betty Machete (alter ego withheld to protect the innocent) gave me tickets to see the mighty Sage Francis play a show in Wellington next month. Sage was the first hip hop artist I truly fell in love with and his music helped me through tough times so as you can imagine I am super excited. I’ll talk more about that after we’ve come back from the show.

Before I go I want to mention a couple of things I’m grateful for right now. Strong coffee and plenty of it (obviously), Free Range Chicken and Pork because you can be a carnivore and ethical at the same time, and my main musical squeeze of the now, RESTORATIONS. If you haven’t heard these guys yet check them out. They push all of my buttons!

That’s enough out of me. I’m gone until I’m back. In the meantime, adopt the attitude of a slacker dude.